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Another organization documented 23 cases of human rights violation in the sphere of education in , including bullying, threats, insults, physical violence, hate speech and breach of the right to privacy. I welcome the adoption of a new law to combat bullying that help identify and respond to such cases and oblige schools to adopt and implement anti-bullying policy. In view of the low level of education regarding diverse sexual orientations and gender identities among the general population, I recommend to introduce trainings for school staff and school psychologists, as well as awareness raising measures among parents and students.

To promote economic well-being The labour code is one of the only laws in Ukraine that specifically protects from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Despite legal protection since , courts have never been presented with a case of discrimination based on these grounds, allegedly due to poor legal literacy and implementation mechanisms. In contrast, a non-governmental organization recorded 24 cases of violations against LGBT persons in the field of work in and another source documented 10 cases of discrimination, mobbing and stigmatization against lesbian and bisexual women at the workplace in the Kherson region from 1 December to 1 March According to human rights organizations, discrimination in employment remains one of the biggest problems, especially for trans people and in particular when the legal name in the passport does not match with the appearance of the person.

Several interlocutors met during the mission said they had been dismissed or denied employment because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, none of them, however, brought their case before the court. More needs to be done to raise awareness about legal protection from discrimination, to inform LGBT people about their rights at the workplace, and to provide legal aid services free of stigma and discrimination.

During the mission, I was pleased to hear about non-governmental initiatives to engage with the business sector with a view to foster inclusiveness at the workplace, including for LGBT employees, but also to create spaces and services free of stigma and discrimination. To promote better health In the field of health, a number of legislative reforms positively impacted on the provision of treatment and access to health care services by trans persons and on access to stigma-free health services to LGBT persons.

I would like to highlight in particular: a.

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The Concept of the Public Health System Development, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in , stipulates that the right to health and health care is a basic human right regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. The approval in of a unified clinical protocol of medical care for trans persons.

The adoption of tailored HIV programmatic planning and intervention efforts tailored towards men who have sex with men and their sexual partners. The recent health reform that has helped to improve the experience of LGBT persons accessing health care services as persons can choose their doctor and therefore select someone tolerant. As a result, Ukraine has experienced steady decreases in stigmatization of LGBT populations over time.

I heard several accounts of lesbian women and trans people in particular, who had to endure patriarchal and discriminatory attitude from their doctor and gynaecologist. As a result of the health reform, a civil society organization created an on-line platform of services offered by LGBT friendly family doctors. I welcome such initiative which should be expanded as such services are mainly available in Kyiv. In other parts of the country information about such doctors and tolerant specialists is mainly shared by word of mouth.

Since important measures have been adopted to facilitate access to gender-affirming treatment by trans persons. The approval of a Unified clinical protocol of care for gender dysphoria by the Ministry of Health in September developed with the participation of civil society organizations has significantly simplified the procedure of gender transition and repealed several abusive requirements, such as mandatory assessment in psychiatric treatment facility and divorce. Importantly, the Protocol states that transsexuals, transgender people and gender non-conforming people cannot be considered as sick and that they have to be cured for the distress caused by gender dysphoria.

It also explicitly specifies inadmissibility of bullying of transgender individuals as this can result in development of chronic depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and states that patients with gender dysphoria shall not be refused to exercise the right to use modern reproductive technologies or the right to adopt. Pursuant to the Protocol, the treatment now includes a psychotherapy during no less than two years and a hormone therapy as mandatory stages for individuals who want to change their gender identity. I welcome these measures and would like to draw the attention of the government to the revision of the International Classification of Diseases by WHO and the removal of the trans categories from the chapter on mental and behavioral disorders.

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In the 11th edition of the Classification, a new category related to trans identities has been created in a chapter on conditions related to sexual health with the aim of facilitating access to gender-affirming treatment. The World Health Assembly will consider the new Classification later this month and I encourage Ukraine to swiftly implement the elements that relate to the removal of the trans categories from the chapter on mental and behavioral disorders, including the adoption of all measures conducive to eradicating the conception of gender diversity as a pathology from all aspects of everyday life.

The unified clinical Protocol has also simplified the procedure to change legal gender and removed some intrusive requirements, such as sterilization, divorce and extensive psychiatric examination.

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According to the new procedure, the change of legal gender should be done at the request of a patient and on the basis of a medical certificate on change of gender identity using irreversible medical intervention. I am concerned that the current procedure retains requirement that are in my view unnecessary and that delay the gender recognition procedure, hence leaving trans persons in a situation where their legal documents do not match their physical appearance during several months which lead to violations of their rights.

For instance, during the transition period, several trans persons explained that they were not able to find a job, rent an apartment, or were facing obstacles when travelling due to the discrepancy between their appearance and their legal documents. I encourage Ukraine to eliminate all abusive requirements as prerequisites for change of name and legal sex or gender, including medical procedures related to transition and undergoing medical diagnosis, psychological appraisals or other medical or psychosocial procedures or treatment.

In addition, measures should be adopted to eliminate the social stigma associated with gender diversity, including the development, implementation and evaluation of an education and sensitization campaign.

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During the mission, I have also visited an HIV clinic and learned about the good work that they — and others — are doing to reach out to key populations, including men having sex with men. In , , people were living with HIV and annual new HIV infections have risen from 9, in to 15, in The epidemic is concentrated in key populations, including men who have sex with men. Estimates suggest that there are around , men who have sex with men and transgender women in Ukraine, with an HIV prevalence of 7. Behavioral surveys show that men who have sex with men have the highest rate of new infections among key populations; have the lowest knowledge of their HIV diagnosis and the lowest coverage by ART; and have the lowest rates of prevention coverage.

As a result of this strategy, the rate of new infections started to slow and the number of people accessing treatment to increase — due, in part, to civil society and community engagement. In , it has also committed to gradually transit the Prevention programme among key populations to the state governance and domestic funding for the basic prevention package.

Despite the adoption of progressive policies since , stigmatisation and social marginalisation of men who have sex with men and LGBT people continues to be high and these populations remain hidden and scared to engage with health services where HIV testing has traditionally been carried out.

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This is paired with significant HIV-related stigma and discrimination. If adopted, new policies and law reforms are expected to address some of the structural and legal barriers to accessing HIV services. I commend the important programmatic measures adopted to take into consideration men who have sex with men— a population that overlaps with gays - in the fight against the AIDS epidemic. I would however like to add a word of caution not to exclude other members of the LGBT community from counselling, testing and treatment services.

In addition, I note with concern that the health needs of lesbian and bisexual women are not considered, and I recommend undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the needs of lesbian, bisexual, trans women and men, and gay persons and to adjust public policies to take the uniqueness of each of these populations into consideration and address their needs in a tailored manner.

Conclusion I am encouraged by the legal and historical developments of the promotion and protection of the human rights of LGTB persons in Ukraine, and I believe that the Ukrainian State is at a juncture where it can take action to make significant progress in that connection. A choice for political leadership: taking a stance for freedom and equality A first choice is for the political leadership. LGTB issues have never been irrelevant for society, and they have always been the object of heated debate among groups and communities that see their views challenged by more comprehensive and progressive views of human rights.

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